About Us Who We Are

We are a Property Preservation Company

 Working for Banks and Real Estate Companies

on REO and PnP Properties

We are a well-established property preservation company that started in 2012 for work in the property preservation field. We maintain and specializing in bank foreclosures and REO properties.

As a property preservation contractor, you have the important task of preventing houses from falling into disrepair. Property Preservation is a vital service for any community, because it protects surrounding home values and safeguards important assets for local financial institutions.

We have contracted and severed private homeowners, real estate agents, commercial companies, as well as several well-known national asset management companies and banks.

We are versatile and adjustable in our service implementation and planning to our clients in order to meet and surpass the expectation of the required service fulfillment.

We are detailed in the delivery of our work-orders. This includes taking complete, detailed photos documenting all work performed (before, during and after); bids placed following HUD guidelines as well as the requirements and request of that of private and individual client’s and meeting and surpassing turnaround times. We are familiar with HUD, Fannie Mac, VA and FHA guidelines; we adhere to, and follow these guidelines as required. We have the proven ability to complete all work and meet the deadlines.

Our attention to detail is a MUST this includes work done, photos and documentation as this is the basis of how the jobs are paid.

Supplies we have in inventory include knob locks, deadbolts, padlocks, hasps, lock boxes, tarps, RV antifreeze, etc.

In the Field we have Smartphone and Tablet  with the knowledge of using several well-known Apps that relate to our industry to name a few of them is the PPW App, Pruvan App, Aspen iproperty App, EZinspections App.

Additional services provided are: Inspections, Initial Secures, Lock Changes, install Lock Boxes, Board Ups, Trash Outs, Minor Electrical, Minor Plumbing, Minor Drywall Repair, Painting, Roofs Trapped, Winterizations, Abandoned Vehicle Removal, Janitorial Services, Landscaping, Grass Cuts, Shrub and Tree Trimming, Gutter Cleaning or just a Spring Clean-Up. We can handle doing Evictions as well.

We can provide ALL types of Inspections: Initial Property Inspection, Monthly Inspection, Weekly Inspection, Bankruptcy Inspection, Monthly Interior Inspection, Mobile Home Inspection, Verification of Occupancy, Sale Date Inspection, Insurance Loss Inspection, and Quality Control Inspections.

We perform Lock Changes :  once the property is vacant, we will secure the property and perform a lock change. If the property is pre-foreclosure, the lock will be changed on a secondary door when possible. Post-foreclosure, all locks will be changed.

We also can install Alpha or Numeric contractor Lock Boxes : on Front Door or a Secondary Door.

We can provide Initial Grass Cuts and Re Cuts : we will cut and trim front, sides and rear yard; plus remove and dispose of ALL clippings making sure there are no “clumps” of grass in yard.

Our Trash Outs :  consist of but limited to, the removal of all debris from the interior and exterior of the property, hazardous material, any outside items that detract from curb appeal (Christmas lights, dog houses, etc.).

Winterizations :  our winterizing may include, but is not limited to the draining of hot water tanks, commodes, and all water lines; use of an air compressor to flush water lines and pressure-test system for possible leaks; adding antifreeze to all commodes, sinks, drains and traps. We zip-tie the water main in the closed position. Plus put winterization notices on ALL fixtures, and will be clearly posted containing the date of the winterization and contact information.

Landscaping :  we can do all kinds of landscaping; shrubs as well as tree trimming.

Sale Clean & Re-Clean :  our cleaning include: vacuum carpets, wet mop vinyl and tile floor, clean all sinks, cabinets, countertops, commodes, bathtubs, showers and wipe down baseboards and widows. In addition, all appliances are emptied and cleaned and air fresheners are placed on sink tops and wet rooms.

Board Ups :  to ensure a property is secure, we will remove all broken glass from damaged windows. Windows will then be boarded per HUD specifications.

Evictions : when performing eviction services, we work along with law enforcement agencies in assurance that proper state guidelines and laws of eviction are adhered to and met. Rekey ALL doors to the property.